Centrifugal pumps Pl

What range of engines does the pump have?

The pump has both tri-phase and mono-phase engines with powers ranging from 0,5 hp to 6 hp. The mono-phase engines have range from 0,3 hp to 1,5 hp


Are they standard engines?

No they do not use standard engines, they have a specially designed shaft.


Can they function in both directions of travel (clockwise and anticlockwise)?

No, they just function in one direction of rotation.


What type of pump is it?

They are centrifugal pumps, not self-priming with a star shaped open impeller.


Of what materials is the pump built?

The internal bodies and the hydraulic system are entirely made out of AISI 304 o 306.


What are the capabilities of the pump?

The P L pump series is a high efficiency pump for low flow and high depths.


What depths do they reach?

Its maximum reach goes up to 60m.

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