Centrifugal pumps Turbo

What type of pump is it?

The Turbo series pump is a centrifugal pump with open impeller.


How many pumps types are there?

Two different models, Turbo 2 and Turbo 4.


What range of engines does the pump have?

The pump has both tri-phase and mono-phase engines with powers ranging from 0,4 hp to 2 hp and RPM from 1400 to 2800.


Can they function in both directions of travel (clockwise and anticlockwise)?

No. The Turbo series only function in one direction of travel


What are the capabilities of the pump?

This pump distinguishes itself because it has good characteristics at a low prevalence, from 100L/min to 430L/min.


What is the maximum prevalence?

Depending on the model it can reach up to 10m.


Of what materials is the pump built?

The hydraulic unit is entirely out of stainless steel AISI 304 from cold printing.


Is the pump self-priming?

No the Turbo series is not self-priming.



The pumps are equipped with a nylon wheel holder; steel wheel holders are also available.

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