Manual pumps

What type of pump is it?

They are membrane pumps, they do not have impellers or moving body parts. They are activated by a manual lever.

What are its uses?

They are useful for all kind of liquids (oil, wine, hydrocarbons) also with dirt and solid pieces floating in the liquid. The correct membrane ha sto be selected: type A for food and similars, type B for hydrocarbons or similars, they may also be used in boats as bilge pumps.

What are its advantages?

Small pumps made entirely out of stainless steel cut from cold printing technique with extremely satisfying capabilities: from 30/40 Litres/min to 100/120 Litre/min with depths from 4m in suction and 4m in drainage. NOTE: since there are no rotating body parts, the banging of the product is null. Great quality/price ratio.


Almost none, very easy to clean.

How many models are there?

There are 6 different models made for every use desired. Marine uses also.

How much do they weigh?

From 1,5kg to 12kg. Really light.


Different types of wheel holders: in nylon from 30 to 50mm in diameter or in stainless steel from also from 30 to 50mm and 1 ½” or 2” GAS.

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