Self-priming pumps Pas

What range of engines does the pump have?

The range of engines goes from 0,3 hp to 6 hp with RPMs from 1400 to 2800. Some models are available with monophase engines. Anti-deflagrating engines can also be used.

What type of pump is it?

They are centrifugal pumps

Are they self-priming?

Yes, they are part of the self-priming pumos. NOTE: the first filling must be done manually.

Of what materials is the pump built?

The internal bodies and the hydraulic system are entirely made out of AISI 304 o 316.

Can the working depths be modified?

Yes. The pumps are equipped with a by-pass that allows the pump to face mid to high pressures depending on the desired working depth.

What are its uses?

The advanced construction techniques make this pump ideal for all applications in the food, petrochemical, pharmaceutical and textile industries.

Can the pump deal with inflammable fluids?

Yes. In order to solve the issue of pumping inflammable fluids, the pump had been fitted with an anti-deflagrating engine.

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