Self-priming pumps Quad

What range of engines does the pump have?

The range of engines goes from 4 hp, 5 hp to 7,5 hp. They are standard engines.

Can they function in both directions of travel (clockwise and anticlockwise)?  

No, they just function in one direction of rotation.

Of what materials is the pump built?

The internal bodies and the hydraulic system are entirely made out of AISI 304 o 316.

Hygiene and maintenance?

The pumps have been designed to guarantee the highest standards of hygiene and to avoid any kind of contamination of the treated liquid. The Lattea series pumps are identifiable by the following advantages:
They are internally and externally polished to guarantee better hygiene and higher resistance to corrosion.
They are smooth internally and lacking of uneven surfaces in order to prevent the treated product to stick to the pump.
They are easiy to take apart without the use of particular apparatus, for a complete inspection and/or washing.

What are the capabilities of the pump?  

The pump capabilities go from 100L/min to 750L/min depending on the model and engine. Maximum working depth is 35m.

Is it self-priming?

Yes. Even if this is a centrifugal pump, it is also self-priming. The first priming has to be made manually.

What are its uses?

The Quad pump is ideally suited for the food, chemical, textile industries and water purifying systems.

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