Solar pumps Solaflux

Up to what depth can the pumps be functional?

The maximum operating depth is 150 m. This measure includes both the depth of the water and the sent height of the surface (ex. water level in the well 70 m + height of the tank from ground 5 m = 75 m of total prevalence)

How far can the water be carried away from the well?

A storage tank can be placed 2000 m away from the well.

What happens if there is no more water in the well?

The electrical units inside the pump can detect variations in currents within the pump itself (DRY CHECK). The pump will not get damaged if there is no water pumping through the system, the mechanics of the pump function in a separate lubricating oil bath allowing the pump to function anyways.

What maintenance is required and after how long?

The maintenance for the pump is extremely low, usually after 3 to 4 years.

Can I use solar panels with different powers, or do I need to use the recommended solar panels?

Different power solar panels may be used (more, or less powerful) AS LONG AS THEY HAVE ARE 12 V (36 CELLS PANEL). Anyways the more efficient power/performance ratios is the one that the producer recommends.



Can I buy the pump and then apply my own solar panels?

Yes. It is possible to purchase the pump itself along with the appropriate electrical units, and install your own solar panels.

Do they work in winter as well?

Yes. It all depends of the amount of solar light that the solar panels can absorb to give energy to the pump.

If the pump is installed in the cold mountain temperatures, what happens to the pump if the water freezes inside the pump lines?

Do I need to install the solar panels close to the pump?

Not necessarily. The solar panels can also be installed far from the pump. IN THIS CASE, THE USE OF WIDER ELECTRICAL CABLES IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Can I take the pump from a well and place it in to another well?

Yes. The installation process of the pump is so easily accomplished that it can be moved from one well to another without any problems.

The use of sun trackers improves the pump performance?

Yes. By 30/40%

Does the presence of sand or other materials in the water such as mud, limestone, and detritus damage the pump?

Yes. Because its mechanical parts are in direct contact with the water.

Is it possible to use the pump for irrigation/watering?

Yes. The pump is particularly suited for drop watering. It can also be used for wide land terrains or vast number of plants (olive groves, vineyards, large gardens etc.)

Can this pump function in salty waters?

Although the pump was designed to work with drinkable waters both for animals and humans, you can still make the pump function in salty waters. This is possible if the pump is equipped with our anti corrosion kit.

Is its installation complicated?

No. its installation is in fact extremely simple and it does not need special equipment.

Can I install more than a pump in one well?

Yes. Its dimensions and its working depths allow multiple installations in one single well.

Can I power the pump with storage cell batteries?

Yes. The Tetraflux and Solarflux can be directly connected to 48 V batteries. The Solarflux pumps can also function with 24 V batteries, but In such event there is the need for a mk2 controller.

Why can’t I use storage cell batteries so to power the pump also dring the night?

Even if they can be theoretically used, the storage cell batteries are advisable only in the event of pure necessity due to the increased costs and complexity of the pump system. It is much simpler, safe and economic to store water rather than electricity.

Is it advisable to use solar panels if I already have at my disposal a direct electrical plant?

From an economic point of view, the use of a pump with energy coming from a direct electrical plant s advisable for very high powers or if the well is really close to the electric plant. If the well is to be located far away from such energy plant, then the installation of long and large electrical cables is required. Still, from an economic point of view, this installation would be expansive and the installation of a solar pump would be recommended.

Is it possible to install floating controllers in the storage tanks or in the supply tanks?

Yes. In fact, the electrical control circuits  are already equiped to incorporate floating controllers, all the plugs and connecting clips are in place ready for the installation of the floaters.

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