Solaflux solar pump is our best selling and our best value performance / power consumption product.

The production process

Fluxinos pumps vary in their characteristics and use:

  • Solar powered pumps
  • Traditional centrifugal pumps
  • Self-priming pumps
  • Manual pumps
  • Valves
  • Joints and fittings

All of the above products have been produced following a strict construction philosophy that consists of cold printing medium to high thickness inox steel sheets.

Once the pump had been designed it goes on to the realization of the necessary printed steel sheets.

Further in the production process is the cutting of the steel sheets, done by particular machinery, in order to obtain steel discs of the desired diameter that will be put through one or more funnelling processes.

The next step is welding; this phase is the most crucial and is done with meticulous care and accuracy.

Follwingare the turning, milling, washing and polishing processes.

The final step consists of testing every finished pump.

Every single pump that leaves the company is subordinate to the final test and guarantees the absence of construction errors and that the pump reflects the catalogue specifications of each and every product.